Welcome to the website of the Russian contact center in Georgia!

The official Russian Contact Center in Georgia is the only agency authorized by the Russian Federation Interests Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia to accept documents for visa to Russia, as well as to provide services for other consular actions, such as issuing a passport for Russian citizens. We will help you at all stages of preparation of documents.

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Безвизовый режим для граждан Грузии

Гражданам Грузии с 15 мая 2023 г. не требуется виза в Россию для поездок продолжительностью до 90 дней


Beware of scammers!

Unscrupulous agents near the Visa Application Center building


Powers of attorney and other notarial services

To notarize a power of attorney, the applicant must contact the Russian Contact Center in Tbilisi during business hours (pre-registration is required)