Postal services

For the convenience of our clients Russian visa center offers the service of reception documents sent by post.

Step 1

Please prepare required documents according to the type of your visa:

Step 2

Check out the prices for the postal processing service:

Quantity of passports
in one package
Price of
postal processing
Return delivery price
(depending on tariff zone)
Total price *
1 passport 60 GEL 10-20 GEL 10-20 GEL
2 - 5 passports 90 GEL 15-30 GEL 105-120 GEL

*Please note!

* The price does not include consular and service fees.

Step 3

Please send a full set of documents to the Russian visa center by post:

Russian Visa Center
Besiki Business Center, office 205, second floor, 4 Besiki str.,
0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

On receiving your set of documents our officer will contact you and only after that you will be sent an invoice.

Step 3

After receiving the invoice from the Visa centre, make the payment according to the bank details specified in the invoice. Payment in the Russian visa center is accepted only by bank transfer.

Please note!

Processing of documents is carried out only after receiving the confirmation of the payment on account of the visa center.

In case of sending an incomplete set of documents or any errors or inaccuracies in them, the visa application center reserves the right to return the documents.

For your convenience when submitting the documents in the Russia visa center in Tbilisi in person, you may order a service of return delivery of your passport to your home or workplace.